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Pension Planning

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why should i plan for my pension?

Planning for retirement can seem a bit daunting, but starting a pension doesn’t have to be.

The important thing is to start saving as soon as you can. The longer you save the more potential for your pension savings to grow.

Saving for retirement has become very important as people are living longer and leading more active lives in retirement. Its is now more important than ever to secure a retirement income. Investing in a pension saving is one of the few areas where you can still get tax relief.

It’s the money that you’ll live on once you stop working. It basically replaces the salary or wages that you earned before you retired.

It’s a way of saving that gives you important tax breaks on your contributions. You can use it to build up money and give yourself an income after you retire. You will have to pay tax on this income. Money saved into your pension plan is invested with the aim of growing over time. 

People are living longer and healthier lives which means that, for many, retirement is simply the start of a new and exciting chapter. A pension can help you ensure that your retirement years are spent doing more of the things you love like travelling, retiring to the country or spending quality time with the grandkids

At JJ Flood and Sons we provide a range of pension investment plans. Our experienced staff will advise you on an affordable plan to improve your financial security after retirement. By examining your personal circumstances and work situation we will help you choose a product that will maximise the return on your contributions.

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